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Terms and conditions for car rental
The information presented below is a summary of the terms and conditions of car rental  through Autoflexible.

In the following, the person or entity that rents a car, is called “client” and “Autoflexible” is the lessee.

General rental conditions
To rent a car from Autoflexible is mandatory to have the minimum age of 23 years old. Also, the main driver and the additional drivers,  must hold necessarily, a valid driving license, with a length of service for at least 12 months. Under certain conditions, Autoflexible offers the possibility of renting a car to a person younger than 23 years old , (18 years) or to a person that has the driver’s licence for less than 12 months.

Where considered necessary,  Autoflexible some other additional check-ups may be required, as other documents or information from the client: for example, tickets, credit cards etc …
Autoflexible reserves the right to refuse to rent cars to people who provided false information or by people who do not want to meet the terms and conditions of rental.

Documents required at pickup 

When you pick up the vehicle, the driver and the additional must submit the following required documents :
– Identity card (C.I.) or passport
Driver’s license
Credit card issued on the behalf of the client (Autoflexible can accept payment in cash under certain conditions)
The expiration date of the documents must be higher than the expiration date of the lease.

Payment of the lease and the deposit
The payment for the car rental and for the deposit must be made at pick up time, by credit card or cash in lei or euro.
If the deposit gets locket in the credit card , locking and unlocking will be done at no cost to the customer.
Payment for the lease and deposit can be made by bank transfer. In this case, the payment must be recorded in Autoflexible’s banck account, before picking up the vechicle

The amount of deposit is based on the vehicle reserved and varies between 200 and 1500 euro.

Delivery and return of the car
Delivery and return of the vehicle takes place, at the date and time determined by the client with the agreement of Autoflexible. For delivery or return outside office hours is a surcharge of 10 euros / service, and for holidays (declared non-working days in Romania) there is an additional fee of 20 Euro.

Customers have the opportunity to return the car anywhere in Romania, in cities with offices or partners Autoflexible. Return the car in another city than the city it was picked up, can be made possible with the consent from Autoflexible and depending on the availability of deployment of the rented car. Services provided for a dislocation fee  between 30 and 200 euros.

Lease extesion
The rented car must be returned to the date, time and location specified in the lease agreement. Any change of the date, time or return location must be announced at least 24 hours before the expiration of the lease.The change of the date, time or location of return can be made only with the consent of Autoflexible. In case of extension of the rental period, the customer will have to pay the fare in advance, according to the lease. If for some reason the customer returns the car late, it must notify Autoflexible. Delays less than two hours are not charged extra. If the delay is more than two hours will be charged with an extra day of rental.